At Quad State Gauging & Measurement, we pride ourselves on working with the best vendors in the industry.

Our relationship with our vendors ensures that we are able to provide our customers with quality products, short lead times, and the best competitive pricing to meet their individual needs.

This level of commitment allows us the opportunity to ensure that our customers are receiving the most superior service and satisfaction possible.

Listed below are the products that we offer.

Thread products

  • thread plugs
  • thread rings
  • thread depth gages
  • speciality thread gages

Master ID & OD Gauges

  • cylinderical plug gages
  • ID master rings
  • OD master discs
  • speciality gages

Torque Products

  • torque wrenches
  • torque testers

Specialty Products

  • unique measurement tools
  • high accuracy components for gages or fixtures

Weight Measuring Devices

  • various size weights
  • scales
  • balances

CMM Accessories

  • probe components
  • stylus

Surface Plates and Optical Comparators

  • plates of various grades and sizes
  • optical comparators of various sizes

Gage Calibration Software

  • software to help with organization of calibration records


At Quad State Gauging & Measurement we offer many services to meet our customers quality needs. We're the industry leader in providing comprehensive mechanical, electronic gauge calibration, part inspection, cleanliness testing, and reverse engineering solutions to customers.

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