We can perform calibrations in our state of the art facility or on-site at your facility to minimize production disruptions. 

On-Site Calibrations

Our on-site calibration services consist of hardness testers, optical comparitors, load cells, vision systems, CMMs, electronic equipment, and more.


Calibration and repair of existing gauges to published or to special prints including micrometers, calipers, levels, height gages, indicators, pressure gauges (both air and oil), transducers, and more.

Measurement Systems

From simple mircrometer to electronic automated systems including but not limited to surface finish, coating thickness, optical, CMM, hardness, and height.

Torque Wrenches and Torque Guns

Calibration and certification as well as first level adjustment and repair. We also offer in house services on weekends to minimize production down time if quantity is sufficient.

Force Gauges & Spring Testers

Calibration and measurement certification on force gauges including Pressure (PSI) oil, Vacuum (inch of Mercury), and Air (PSI), as well as Spring Testers.


At Quad State Gauging & Measurement we offer many services to meet our customers quality needs. We're the industry leader in providing comprehensive mechanical, electronic gauge calibration, part inspection, cleanliness testing, and reverse engineering solutions to customers.

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