Our manufacturing team focuses on building common gauges, specialty gauges and inspection fixtures. 

These can either be designed by our customer or by our Gauge Design team. Our capabilities include:Hole Position Gages, Distance Gages, Port Contour Diameter Gages, Port Contour Depth Gages, Snap Gages, Diameter Plug Gages, Master Disc, Single Feature Fixtures and Multi-Feature Fixtures.

Once manufactured, all gauges and fixtures are sent through our calibration and inspection labs to ensure accuracy and customer specifications. This process ensures that our customers are using an accurate and calibrated item.

Proto Type Parts

Our Manufacturing Team has the capability to run proto-type parts either from raw castings or to add features to machined parts that are already in process. 

Please contact us to discuss how we can help with your manufacturing needs.

Below are photo examples of gauges that we have designed and/or manufactured for our customers:


At Quad State Gauging & Measurement we offer many services to meet our customers quality needs. We're the industry leader in providing comprehensive mechanical, electronic gauge calibration, part inspection, cleanliness testing, and reverse engineering solutions to customers.

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